Freedom 10 Minute Oil Change & Car Wash opened July 15, 2005. Through a lot of planning and hard work, we were able to provide about ten jobs to start and today we have ten full-time employees and five part-time employees. Our facility concept was the first of its kind in this area and the customers have loved it since the first day we opened. We have a tunnel wash that is 100 feet long with all soft cloth material that distributes a clean vehicle and a dry vehicle when the vehicle exits out of the tunnel. We also provide 16 free vacuum areas with vending machines and garbage cans. Our two-bay oil change with a waiting room is very comfortable and accommodating to our customer and is really nice and cozy. We welcome all of you to come see us at Freedom 10 Minute Oil Change and Car Wash and we will provide excellent service to you as a friend and customer.


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