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Family owned & operated since 2005

Freedom 10 Minute Oil Change & Car Wash opened July 15, 2005. Our facility concept was the first of its kind in this area and the customers have loved it since the first day we opened. We have a tunnel wash that is 100 feet long with all soft cloth material that distributes a clean vehicle and a dry vehicle when the vehicle exits out of the tunnel. We also provide 16 free vacuum areas with vending machines and garbage cans. We welcome all of you to come see us at Freedom 10 Minute Oil Change and Car Wash and we will provide excellent service to you as a friend and customer.

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Oil Change and Car Wash Services You Can Trust

For more than a decade, countless customers have trusted Freedom 10 Minute Oil Change & Car Wash to take care of their vehicles. Founded in 2005, we have earned a reputation for providing the highest quality oil change, car wash and auto detailing services.

Our team of 15 experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with fast, friendly service and a wide range oil change and car wash services and packages to suit your unique needs. You can choose anything from a basic $5 exterior wash, rinse and dry to our Ultimate Plan that includes 12 different services such as Rain-X surface protection, an undercarriage blast, tire dressing, clear coat wax and much more. In addition, we offer you four different monthly car wash packages that provide you with unlimited car washes for a single monthly fee.

When it’s time for an oil change, we offer you three different plans including regular oil, synthetic oil and high mileage oil. Our experienced professionals also provide a wide range of services that are included with each oil change, including checking your tires for proper inflation, checking all of your filters, check your fluid levels (windshield washer, power steering, brake, battery water level) and much more. In addition, you’ll be receiving a code good for a free exterior car wash.

Auto detailing is another of the specialized services we provide. Our team will clean your entire vehicle inside and out, covering even the smallest details in making sure your car or truck is spotless.

For oil change, car wash and auto detailing services, you can always trust Freedom 10 Minute Oil Change & Car Wash to do an excellent job.